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Individual Psychotherapy

Currently I offer individual telehealth therapy sessions for residents of New York. Understanding that no one treatment approach works for all individuals, I work collaboratively with clients, drawing upon a variety of well-researched and effective therapeutic methods, to develop tailored treatment plans (road maps) for each individual client. This approach can be applied to treating a variety of concerns including (but not limited to) anxiety, depression, low self-worth, interpersonal and relational difficulties.

Eating Disorder Treatment

For the treatment of eating disorders, I employ HAES principles of body acceptance, appreciation, as well as intuitive eating principles. I utilize the structure of exposure therapy in combination with talk therapy to help clients disempower their eating disorder by discovering the elements that contribute to its existence while working towards mending their relationship with food and their bodies. Because eating disorders often coexist with other disorders the treatment plan will also look at addressing those concerns. This treatment method also may include working collaboratively with other healthcare professionals such as registered dieticians, psychiatrists, and medical physicians.


It is very important for practitioners to get supervision so that they can keep up with good work all through their careers. Supervision provides a place for clinicians to think deeply about all aspects of their work. As a supervisor it is my role to act as a mentor by providing individual supervision giving emotional support, as well as advice on how to improve your skills and how to adapt your style to meet the needs of different clients.

I currently provide individual supervision for those seeking a place where they can freely talk about your thoughts, feelings, and attitudes to grow as clinicians and work effectively, ethically, and safely as possible.

As a consultant I can provide professional education and advise pertaining to the treatment of eating disorders.

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